Men’s Formula

Men's Formula Prostate Support Supplement


Herbal prostate support

Offering nutrition especially needed by the male body, from saw palmetto, lycopene, pumpkin seeds, zinc and more. Prostate health for the win!
  • Supports and protects the prostate gland
  • Supports male glandular health

How it Works

Men’s Formula is specifically created for men 40 and older who seek a nutritional boost for prostate gland function. Native Americans found the saw palmetto fruit to support the glandular system. Saw palmetto supports the prostate gland. Lycopene has been shown to have a protective effect on prostate gland function. Gotu kola herb supports the nervous system.

Why Men’s Formula?

This unique product delivers a synergistic blend of powerful nutrients for men’s health. One key ingredient is an extract from saw palmetto berries. Our wild-crafted saw palmetto grows on private ranches in Florida where it’s harvested only at the most optimal times during the weather cycles. We use only non-GMO, certified organic fruit that is designated Kosher and Halal. Our 20-year relationship with our saw palmetto partner is built on quality and performance. Their commitment to excellence is also manifest in their support of clinical studies on saw palmetto.

The story behind Men’s Formula

Nature’s Sunshine launched Men’s Formula in the fall of 1994. This effective, natural blend continues to be in high demand more than two and half decades later! Also called the American dwarf palm, saw palmetto was used historically for female reproductive issues and for prostate health. Native Americans, including the Seminoles of Florida, used its berries for food. Saw palmetto berries became part of Western medicine in the 1870s and were officially included in the US Pharmacopoeia in 1906. They were listed in the National Formulary through World War II. The Aztecs and Incas were growing tomatoes in 700 AD. In the 16th century, Europeans visiting North America took tomato plants home for decorating. Lycopene wasn’t discovered until 1876. And we continue to learn more about the valuable health benefits of this carotenoid. Our lycopene comes from non-GMO tomatoes that are grown in the US from a particular plant breed that yields the best lycopene.

Recommended use

For intensive use:Take 3 capsules twice daily with morning and evening meals. For maintenance:Take 2 capsules daily with a meal.
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Other Ingredients

15 mg zinc, saw palmetto fruit extract, pumpkin seeds, pygeum bark extract, gotu kola aerial parts, lycopene concentrate and stinging nettle root extract.