Fenugreek & Thyme

Fenugreek & Thyme Upper Respiratory Relief Supplement


Respiratory relief & support

These powerful herbs support the respiratory system and work to soothe irritated tissues. The herbal go-to for healthy mucous membranes.
  • Offers relief for occasional upper respiratory discomfort
  • Helps soothe & support mucous membranes

How it Works

Fenugreek & Thyme can be used as a nutritional support for the respiratory system. The herb contains mucilaginous compounds, which are gel-like substances known for their ability to help soothe mucous membranes. Fenugreek also encourages thinner mucus, which can help with relief of occasional upper respiratory discomfort.

Why Fenugreek & Thyme?

Not only do these two herbs have a history of respiratory system support, they are obtained through a rigorous process that leads to a better-quality product. For instance, fenugreek seed thrives in the well-drained, loamy soil of northern India where local farmers hand-sow the crop after the monsoon season. Then they carefully irrigate four times during the 110-day growth cycle. Plants are hand-cut then threshed to separate the seeds, which dry in the sun. When great care goes into the planting and harvesting of our ingredients, you have a feel-good way to feel good!

The story behind Fenugreek & Thyme

These two herbs go back more than a thousand years! The Greeks and Romans fed fenugreek to their cattle (part of its Latin name, foenum graecum, means Greek hay). And the Egyptians used it in their embalming processes. Thyme is native to the Mediterranean region, and Romans were known to eat it to ward off food poisoning. Before the onset of refrigeration, people regularly cooked with thyme to help protect against spoilage. According to research, the active constituent thymol provides antioxidant and immune-modulatory benefits among others.

Recommended use

Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.
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Other Ingredients

Fenugreek seeds and thyme leaves.